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Intelligent workforce management

How does it work?

By combining various technologies such as BPMN 2.0, intelligent process automation (iBPM), middleware, bots, avatars & animation, speech and artificial intelligence (AI), MR.KNOW can be integrated into your existing IT landscape as a digital assistant or digital worker, and even solve complex issues. When doing this, you can also get started quickly and easily with process descriptions and rule sets, without the need for complicated data training.


Developments since 1996

MR.KNOW is the result of developments and experiences in the area of Business Process Management which have taken place since 1996, as well as from projects for well-known customers. Digital workers bring process management to life. Use MR.KNOW as your digital assistant or digital worker in consulting, sales, service, maintenance or accounting.

Numerous industries, including public administration, citizen portals, the police, security services, retail, automotive, insurance companies, banking, logistics, auditing companies and many more rely on our expertise.

Bringing digitalization to life.

Creation by any specialised department

No other tool lets you create digital assistants or digital workers with intelligent process automation (iBPM) in a faster way. With our Zero Coding and Rapid Application developments, creation takes place in just a few steps. Specialist departments can use our innovation to create the BPMN processes from their technical description, and can have potential user interfaces and design proposals displayed.

If required, the avatars can even be animated or adapted to your corporate design. Thanks to the latest web technologies, the digital workers (MR.KNOW) can be integrated into existing portals or websites, and adapted for desktops, mobiles, tablets or even voice applications.

Mastering complexity.
Process automation brings fast ROI

Digital workers solve all of your business tasks using the multiple award-winning MR.KNOW - BPM process engine and the integrated middleware. When doing this, the digital worker supports you with intelligent process automation, and can access all of the data in your systems.

With our innovation of being able to process unstructured data on the fly, the system can dynamically adapt your applications and also interpret and learn using an AI extension.

  • No coding necessary
  • Can be extended by specialised departments
  • Your new digital employee
  • Assistance with case management
  • Accepts unlimited requests 24/7
  • For initial consultation in service and sales
  • Deals with the entire process
  • Learns by means of data and AI
  • Existing IT systems and RPAs can be integrated
  • Modern user interfaces, bots and dashboards

MR.KNOW supports project leaders and project managers in business process automation.

  • Digitalization and automation of processes
  • Problem-free transfer of specialist knowledge to digital workers
  • Case processing with intelligent assistance workflows
  • Ideal for processing of and compliance with regulations and laws
  • Combination of different technologies (bots, RPA, OCR, BPM, AI, voice etc.) depending on the area of application of MR.KNOW.
  • Outstanding user experience by using avatars, voice, mobile and individual design
  • Implemented using the Zero Code and "Process Knowledge Mining".
  • Supports the BPMN 2.0 and DMN standards
  • Logic can be added via a library
  • Process models can be uploaded using drag & drop, and the web application is automatically created from the model
  • User interfaces and forms can be adapted without programming
  • A "minimum distance" algorithm allows assistance systems to automatically optimise the order of the questioning
  • Addition of meta-information such as hint texts for answers or the sorting order of the listing
  • Level 3 enhancement of analytics, AI and RPA systems.
  • Recording of multidimensional feature spaces
  • External microservices are offered to the experts via a function library
  • Simple integration of existing IT system landscapes
  • Can be integrated into existing CMS systems or portal applications
  • Development of applications, even without existing ones
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