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From process recording and documentation to the BPMN model


With the MR.KNOW - Process-Board, you can start recording processes quickly and easily. Use digital notes to record processes in the company as a first step. After a uniform understanding of the processes, BPMN 2.0 process models can be generated, downloaded and be used for digital assistants or BPM solutions.

Visualize your processes.

Process recording

The Process-Board is based on a Kanban board and makes it possible to visualise processes and tasks with digital notes free of charge. These can be moved as desired, assigned to time series or defined as task types, e.g. as e-mails. In the bookable version, you can also create your own task types and use as many process boards as you like.

Generating process models.

BPMN 2.0 standard

After the process recording and visualisation of the processes, the MR.KNOW - Process-Board generates a proposal for the corresponding BPMN process model. This makes process breaks visible and processes can be defined as a uniform process across departmental boundaries. In the next step, the process model can be adapted in MR.KNOW - Webmodelling and extended by BPMN 2.0 activities. In the bookable version, a download of the generated process models is also available.

Automate processes.


All generated BPMN 2.0 process models can also be executed and used for process automation. For a quick start, digital assistants can be generated completely from the model to the interface thanks to low coding. For complex BPM solutions, the MR.KNOW - Professional environment is available as a complete BPM suite, which synchronises the generated process models and can be used for complex applications including system connections.

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