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HKR Computer Centre

HKR computer centre uses MR.KNOW – BPM (formerly BPM inspire) for quality management

Partner: bpi solutions

MR.KNOW partner bpi solutions has been awarded the contract for the introduction of Business Process Management (BPM) for HKR Rechenzentrum GmbH.

Together with bpi solutions, the HKR computer centre is introducing the Business Process Management solution for workflow control in quality management. HKR Rechenzentrum GmbH, which is based in Höltinghausen, provides high-performance new technologies and innovative services in a complete service package. A team of specialists with many years of in-depth IT experience supports customers from consulting to the implementation of the individual solutions. HKR supports its customers with a team of specialists with many years of in-depth IT experience from the implementation and optimisation of the software to the hosting of the data and user training. HKR also specialises in developing customised solutions based on Microsoft Navision.

The BPM project for quality management starts with the implementation of a workflow solution for optimising the quality manual. The Business Process Management solution simplifies the creation and maintenance of documents and procedures. The processes are optimized and automated via workflows for the quality manual. HKR will develop and implement the workflow scenarios together with bpi solutions. Developers and technicians from HKR learn about the wide range of functions during the project. The goal of HKR is to maintain the processes itself in the future, and develop other workflows independently. Within HKR, a wide variety of requirements can be covered with MR.KNOW – BPM.

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