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Advanced process management training



With the advanced process management training courses at the MR.KNOW - ACADEMY, you can learn about the methods and principles of process management, and independently create complete applications and digital workers with BPM software (BPMS). With our individual training courses as an online course, at our locations or in your own company, there's nothing stopping you from making a quick start. We also provide innovative formats such as train the trainer, training videos or certifications.

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Basic Training (B)

Basic training lays the foundations for your knowledge in the area of process management (BPM) and in using with MR.KNOW - BPM. We provide training for entering into the topics of modelling, solution development, user interfaces, reports and other sales training courses.


In-depth training (V)

Advanced training makes independent adaptation of processes, creation of user interfaces and reports and adept dealing with interfaces possible. Information about support or integration in your own software is also provided.


Courses (K)

Our courses are the compact way of acquiring the knowledge for making a quick start. You can start or learn how to independently create solutions and digital workers with the BPMN fitness course.


Online training course (O)

On our online training course you will be given an initial overview of the options, or we will deal with your specific questions. An experienced specialist will be at your disposal, and will accompany you through the first steps or when repeating the contents of our training.


Workshops (W)

Start your project with a joint workshop. We will not only support you with the ACTUAL and TARGET recording, but also create a joint process understanding between all participants, mediation between the areas, providing architecture consulting and creating a specification as well as a time and cost schedule.


Other (S)

We would be pleased to support you with innovative formats such as train the trainer or individual solution videos for internal explanations. We can also provide presentation training so that you can also market your workers and solutions yourself.


Certification (Z)

Use our certifications to provide proof of and document your process management expertise as a customer. Partners can also refresh their support expertise and obtain proof thereof.






Project Manager / Consultant



B1; B2; B4

B1; B2

B1; B2; B3; B4; B5;
K1; K2; K3; K4; O1; O2; O3; W1



V1; V2; V4; V6

V1; V5

V1; V3; V4; V5; V7; V8; O4



K1; K4; O2; S2

K1; O3

W2; S1

O1; O3; S4

Process consulting
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Bring your processes to life! We will support you with model-based (BPMN) application development and interfaces.

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Notes workflow renewal
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Modernise now! Support and advice in the modernisation and migration of Notes workflows, Domino databases or applications based on these.

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