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Velisco Poultry GmbH & Co KG

Invoice processing based on MR.KNOW – BPM (formerly BPM inspire)

Partner: bpi solutions

Velisco, a leading poultry marketer in Germany, will be archiving its documents and SAP data and carrying out invoice receipt processing on the basis of MR.KNOW – BPM (formerly BPM inspire) in future.

Velisco is a leading marketer of fresh poultry in Germany. The Mutzschen-based company was established in 1961, and Rot am See was established in 1967. Both companies have been combined in one group since 1991. The products have been marketed via Velisco Geflügel GmbH & Co KG since 2003. The company was taken over by Garrel-based entrepreneur Ulrich Wendeln in April 2007. Slaughtering, dissection, processing and marketing are all carried out by a single source. The company supplies domestic and foreign major retail chains. Velisco is expanding in strategically important market segments with powerful brands, a market-driven product range and consistent customer orientation.

Its partner bpi solutions has replaced an existing archive at Velisco and migrated the legacy data to the new system. The comprehensive ECM functions will be even better integrated in all levels of the SAP system in the future. The intelligent solution for automated invoice recording and workflow-controlled invoice verification from MR.KNOW – BPM (formerly BPM inspire) will also be implemented.

As well as the technical qualities, the intuitive operation of the system from the user's point of view and the range of functions that was available were particularly decisive. The goal is to speed up processes within the company, structure the management of various documents in a better way, and significantly reduce the time spent on searching for and particularly finding documents. At the same time, the introduction of automated invoice processing improves the transparency of the processes and provides improved liquidity planning and faster invoice processing until entry in the SAP system takes place.

With the introduction of the new solutions, Velisco is setting up the conditions for shorter processing times and faster provision of information, therefore achieving more efficient transaction processing throughout the company.

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