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Process consulting

From consulting to implementation

Process consulting

Take advantage of our holistic process consulting for intelligent process automation (iBPM). We will support you in process analysis, process modelling (BPMN), implementation, process implementation, application development and also in controlling and optimizing your processes. Customers also put their trust in our many years of expertise when it comes to selecting the right components for their integrated solution (e.g. functional modelling, process mining, RPA, simulation, bots, AI, OCR, etc.). We discuss suitable methods for your project with you, give you advice concerning architectural issues, and keep an eye on long-term topics such as ROI calculation and round trips for successful process management.

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  • Project experience since 1996
  • Holistic process consulting
  • Business model transformation
  • Process analysis
  • Process modelling (BPMN)
  • Implementation and process implementation
  • Application development
  • IT architecture consulting
  • Process controlling
  • Process optimizations
  • Component selection
  • Change management support
  • Support during transformation processes
  • Consulting for the digitalization strategy
  • Improving data quality
  • Support with certifications
  • Implementation of compliance regulations
  • Method consulting
  • ROI calculations
  • From model to application (round trip)

Process implementation

Bring your processes to life after process consulting. We will support you in model-based (BPMN) application development. When doing so, we advise you on how to enrich functional models with technical details, create user interfaces and integrate IT systems. In the process implementation with the BPM software (BPMS) we show synergy potential with other processes and discuss savings potentials in the management of existing IT landscapes and workflows. We would also be glad to help with fundamental architecture questions as well as giving advice on supplementary components (e.g. ESB, RPA, analytics, lifecycle management) or operations (e.g. cloud, hardware, blockchain, security).

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  • Model-based application development
  • BPMN augmentation (functional / technical)
  • User interface developments
  • System integrations
  • Interface implementation
  • Synergy analysis
  • Architecture consulting
  • Extension components
  • Operation advice
  • Project Management
  • Process models

Notes workflow renewal

As part of the process consulting and process implementation, we will support you in modernising existing IBM Lotus Notes workflows, Domino databases or applications based on them such as COSMOS, and also migrating them if necessary. We have specialists in the team who have themselves spent many years developing with the system. During the course of this, numerous complex applications such as contract processing, risk management, idea processing (IDM), new product processes (NPP) and many others have been be integrated as templates into our modern web and model-based BPM software (BPMS). This can also be combined with existing user interfaces (e.g. Notes Portal or MS Sharepoint), so that a changeover is supported step by step. Let us advise you!

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  • Replacement of IBM Notes / Domino workflows or also offshoots such as COSMOS
  • Modernization of the application landscape
  • Support for maintaining the operation of previous Notes applications
  • Numerous Notes workflows have already been migrated as templates
  • Conversion to modern web and model-based process platform
  • Gradual conversion by means of supporting different user interfaces, e.g. Notes Portal or MS Sharepoint
  • Analysis of the individual Notes/Domino databases or applications
  • Consideration of the data structures, process and program logic, authorisation structures, priority and complexity
  • Project preparation (e.g. installation / configuration of the platform)
  • Creation of a relational database structure (per application)
  • Mapping of the program logic and creation of the processes
  • Export of data and revision if necessary (per application)
  • Import of data and test (per application)
  • Creation/adjustment/configuration of interfaces (e-mail, external systems,..)
  • Transfer to production and shutdown (per application)


The MR.KNOW ACADEMY gives you the opportunity to apply agile methods in process management, model processes to the BPMN 2.0 standard or create your own complete applications and digital workers. We exclusively offer individual training, which can be in the form of online courses, at our locations or in-house. Different modules make an easy start-up possible, as well as consolidation, train-the-trainer, certifications or even training videos for your applications.


Basic training (B)

  • B1 - Basic knowledge (1 MD)
  • B2 - Advanced training (1 MD)
  • B3 - Solution development (2 MD)
  • B4 - User interface design (1 MD)
  • B5 - Reporting (1 MD)
  • B6 - Partner sales training (1 MD)

Advanced training courses (V)

  • V1 - Consolidation (2 MD)
  • V2 - Interfaces (2 MD)
  • V3 - Document processing (0.5 MD)
  • V4 - User interface design (2 MD)
  • V5 - Support update (1 MD)
  • V6 - Integration module (individual)

Courses (K)

  • K1 - BPMN 2.0 fitness course (2 MD)
  • K2 - Digital workers (2 MD)
  • K3 - BPM prototyping (1 MD)
  • K4 - Business Process management (BPM) solution production (2 MD)

Online training courses

  • O1 - BPMN 2.0 introduction (2 hours)
  • O2 - Business Process management (BPM) solution production (2x2 hrs.)
  • O3 - BPM prototyping overview (2 hours)
  • O4 - Digital worker prototyping (2 hours)

Other (S)

  • S1 - Train the Trainer
  • S2 - Template library
  • S3 - Partner presentation training
  • S4 - Solution video

Workshops (W)

  • W1 - Introductory workshop (3 MD)
  • W2 - Workshop individual


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