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BPM Cloud

Intelligent process automation in the cloud

How does it work?

The MR.KNOW - PLATFORM is a BPM environment for developing digital workers and process-oriented solutions. Complex enterprise applications, customer portals and comprehensive workforce management are also possible. It can be run on your existing servers or in the cloud. Because of its multicloud capability, it can be used in data centres or at providers such as Amazon (AWS), google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud or the Telekom Cloud. With our numerous tools for project planning, modelling (BPMN), intelligent process automation (iBPM), integrated middleware (PaaS), user interface and dashboard designers, your projects can be planned, tested and implemented with unprecedented speed thanks to zero coding and Rapid Application.

From planning to implementation

The MR.KNOW - PLATFORM is a BPM environment which has been developed for project managers. The so-called MR.KNOW - PROJECT ASSISTANT provides assistance from the very first step. Various templates are available for costing, forecasting, planning (including Kanban Board), task lists, risk management, order planning, project accounting, proof of performance, ticketing, process maps and also individual dashboards. The "Project Checker" helps with predefined workflows for tasks, escalations, deadlines or budget overruns. This can all be done in the BPM Cloud or on your servers.

A particular focus is on project implementation. Here, the system does not only generate executable code from the BPMN models using zero coding, but also suggests what user interfaces and dashboards will look like. Specialist departments can also integrate their descriptions, and the system will generate the BPMN models automatically.

Make use of swarm intelligence.

Share Economy

You don't always have to start from scratch to develop numerous applications. That is why we have integrated a marketplace for process-oriented applications, services, DevOps, digital workers and complementary systems on the MR.KNOW -PLATFORM. Here you can also show what you are capable of, and work on applications in your own team or with others with the aid of collaboration tools. Numerous solution examples and partner software are available, such as OCR and archiving in the cloud or for your own servers.

It is also possible to import existing BPMN process models from modelling tools in order to bring them to life. In numerous performance tests and with many awards for maximum scalability, the integrated MR.KNOW - BPM Suite makes it possible to implement high-performance applications, support thousands of employees and many locations, and develop microservice applications.

Be able to use any cloud.

Safe and sustainable

With our BPM Cloud, it is particularly important to us to guarantee customers the highest level of security for their data, to guarantee high levels of fail-safety and scalability, make data centres accessible worldwide, provide international cloud support, and to achieve the highest degree of flexibility. This is why we have chosen IBM Cloud as our partner. Well-known companies all over the world already rely on IBM's expertise, and maximum security is provided by more than 8,000 security experts.

This gives you one of the world's biggest ecosystems and an entire cloud platform covering wide areas such as data, containers, AI, IoT and Blockchain. During development we chose the most state-of-the-art type, i.e. hybrid multi-cloud capability, so that you can use the data centre or cloud provider which suits you best. In this way, you achieve your perfect solution!

The platform for the modern project manager:

  • From planning to implementation
  • Free web modelling using the BPMN 2.0 standard
  • Complete BPM system, including low coding software
  • End-to-end software solution for digital transformation
  • All company employees can use the applications
  • The PROJECT ASSISTANT accompanies you through the entire project
  • Numerous templates for planning and implementation
  • With process automation, applications are created directly from BPMN models.
  • Complete applications within a few hours
  • Simple connection of your existing IT systems
  • Higher-order processes and applications
  • Continuous further development and optimisation of the MR.KNOW - PLATFORM
  • Your own secure area
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Free web modelling using the BPMN 2.0 standard
  • BPMN models can be turned straight into applications using process automation, low coding software and Rapid Application.
  • Drag and drop application designer
  • Workflows can be adapted immediately
  • Application consulting from experienced consulting employees
  • Advice about design and ergonomics
  • Seamless integration with developer tools
  • Winner of the Fraunhofer Institute award for the most powerful engine
  • Database-supported, transactional and fail-safe process execution
  • Correction of process variables and individual process steps during operation
  • Individual scaling of web and process servers
  • Integrated middleware platform (PaaS) for BPM
  • Real-time monitoring of business processes
  • Horizontally scalable Kubernetes cloud architecture
  • Architecture consulting with the aid of software architects
  • Integrated network, domain and security management
  • Extensive user management down to field level
  • Attendance and absence management with individual dashboard
  • Full control over the rights system of your applications
  • Connection and interface developments
  • Autonomous system processes for dynamic provision of resources
  • Monitoring data via Prometheus interface
  • Monitoring and orchestration via standardized APIs (EFK Stack / Kubernetes API, Helm Charts)
  • Maximum security standards and use of own certificates
  • GDPR compliance down to database level
  • Complies with European and local data protection laws
  • No data transfer or use of your data for advertising purposes
  • Access to customer data is controlled by EU employees at all times
  • Customers control access to their data in dedicated environments
  • Maximum availability by means of distribution across multiple zones
  • Hosting in certified IBM data centres
  • Worldwide availability and servers on every continent
  • Capability of migrating your Red Hat OpenShift workloads to a public cloud
  • IBM Cloud™ Paks for migrating core business applications
  • IBM as co-founder of the OASIS Open Cybersecurity Alliance partnerships.
  • Kubernetes service with cluster lifecycle management
  • As a certified K8s provider, IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service provides intelligent scheduling, self-healing, horizontal scaling, service discovery and load balancing, automated rollouts and rollbacks, and secret and configuration management
  • Managed standalone Docker image registry with integrated Vulnerability Advisor
  • Watson services in EU data centres, including option for dedicated premium deployments
  • Support for microservice capabilities and serverless computing
  • Hybrid multi-cloud capability
  • Usable with all well-known providers such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Telekom Cloud
  • Simple private cloud installation for own data centres
  • Choice of private, dedicated and shared deployment options
  • Ticket system and telephone support
  • Full software stack support and continuous security, compliance and version compatibility
  • Software, infrastructure and operation from a single source
  • Data backups and optional disaster recovery
  • Your central contact for all areas
  • Managed services from employees with many years of experience
  • Enterprise SLA options, data security and certifications


IBM Cloud Zertifizierung - AICPA-SOC
IBM Cloud Zertifizierung - BANQUE-DE-FRANCE
IBM Cloud Zertifizierung - BSI C5
IBM Cloud Zertifizierung - CSA
IBM Cloud Zertifizierung - EBA
IBM Cloud Zertifizierung - ENS
IBM Cloud Zertifizierung - EUMC
IBM Cloud Zertifizierung - FFIEC
IBM Cloud Zertifizierung - FISC
IBM Cloud Zertifizierung - FISMA
IBM Cloud Zertifizierung - FSA
IBM Cloud Zertifizierung - GDPR
IBM Cloud Zertifizierung - HIPAA
IBM Cloud Zertifizierung - HITRUST
IBM Cloud Zertifizierung - iDA
IBM Cloud Zertifizierung - ISO9001
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IBM Cloud Zertifizierung - ISO27018
IBM Cloud Zertifizierung - ISO31000
IBM Cloud Zertifizierung - ISO50001
IBM Cloud Zertifizierung - ITAR
IBM Cloud Zertifizierung - MB
IBM Cloud Zertifizierung - OHSAS18001
IBM Cloud Zertifizierung - PCIDSS
IBM Cloud Zertifizierung - Financial Industry
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