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Process analysis

From report to real-time analysis


You can keep an eye on your processes with Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) and reports, real-time analyses and individual dashboards. SLAs, compliance requirements or audits are supported in this way. Process documentation can also be generated automatically, and project managers are provided with special tools such as Kanban Board, IKS, process overviews as well as project evaluations for optimum process analyses.

Visualising performance.

View of your business processes

Process analysis and monitoring of the entire BPM software (BPMS) and web applications are critical to the success of intelligent process automation (iBPM). Process optimizations can be easily identified and implemented with Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), process flow paths and individual dashboards with real-time analyses. In combination with Business Intelligence (BI), extensive Business Analysis Reportings (BAR) can be created and Process Mining analyses can be directly transferred into the process automation.

Compliance and SLAs.

On the safe side

For implementing compliance requirements and Service Level Agreements (SLAs), MR.KNOW - BPM also supports automated process documentation with archiving at the push of a button, HTML and PDF/A publishing as well as reports with different views and authorisations for audits. Key figures can also be linked to processes in each dashboard within the scope of process analysis so that not only reminders and escalations, but also internal control systems (ICS) are possible.

Dashboards and evaluations.

Using individual views

Our reports and dashboards can be configured with authorisations, views and perspectives in the process analysis. Each area therefore receives its individual evaluations, which can also be exported using Excel or BI tools. Project managers also have access to Kanban Board, project evaluations or proof of performance for their work with the BPM software (BPMS), for example.

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  • Individual evaluations and reports
  • Graphical routes of the processes
  • Process overviews and process maps
  • Process documentation at the push of a button
  • 3D level display possible
  • Archiving function
  • Support of audits
  • Status of business processes
  • Dashboards with real-time analyses
  • Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)
  • Business Analysis Reporting (BAR) with BI
  • Tactical dashboards with perspective change
  • Reports with templates, views and authorisations
  • Support of Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Obligations to provide information and process evidence
  • Combination with process mining and business intelligence possible
  • Tool set for project managers with Kanban board, project evaluations, time recording etc.
  • HTML and PDF publishing
  • Access and information capability within seconds
  • Design templates
  • Specific documentation creation for specialist departments and IT experts
  • Excel import and export facilities
  • Support of bar charts, line graphics, pie charts, tachographs, Gantt charts and time series graphics
  • Integrated chart library
  • Mobile usability
  • Target/actual value comparisons
  • Real-time tracking systems
  • Basis for continuous improvement process
  • Definition of cross-system key figures
  • Visualizations and controls from third-party providers such as jQuery can be integrated
  • Easy connection to leading Business Intelligence Tools (BI)
  • Further use of your BI data
  • Further processing of unstructured data
  • Preconfigured reports and evaluations (e.g. management dashboard)
  • Expansion and enhancements of BI and BigData components (analytics module)


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