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Process portal

From portal to platform

Process portal

With MR.KNOW - BPM Process Portal we provide a comprehensive template for the use of your existing process applications, task lists, publishing, monitoring and for the processing of all input channels with the BPM software (BPMS). We also provide the MR.KNOW - PLATFORM in the BPM cloud as a ready-to-use environment for project managers and for implementing process applications including web modelling, zero coding, Rapid Application and solution templates.

Central environment.

The control centre for your processes

Our template for your individual process portal allows you to use your numerous process applications, task lists, BPMN 2.0 process maps, process analyses, monitoring as well as various modules such as analytics in a central environment. All input channels, e.g. telephone, e-mail, fax, EDI, etc., can be processed in the BPM software (BPMS), and everything can be managed via an extensive authorisation management system. The design and user interfaces are adapted for different browsers and terminal devices in accordance with your specifications.

Easy integration.

Combining with existing portals

To simplify the communication with your partners, customers and employees, MR.KNOW - BPM separates the process logic from the user interfaces and has SOA (service-oriented architecture). Each process can therefore be connected to any task lists, existing portals (e.g. MS Sharepoint and Notes) or web sites and also systems, and used in parallel. This means that your employees remain in familiar environments such as SAP and avoid different user interfaces. External process participants can be easily integrated into the process portal via web user interfaces.

BPM Cloud Platform.

Everything from a single source

With MR.KNOW - PLATFORM we provide a comprehensive process portal directly in the cloud which includes comprehensive modules for creating process applications and digital workers (MR.KNOW). Additional partner modules such as OCR, archiving and BI as well as a marketplace for solutions can also be used. In order to make the work of project and process managers easier, there are numerous comfort functions such as Collaboration, Kanban Board, time recording, Project Assistant etc. which you can adapt individually.

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  • Central process portal
  • Numerous solution templates
  • Web modelling and process overviews
  • Web designer for user interfaces and rapid prototyping
  • Collaborative expansion options
  • OCR, archive, BI and more in one user interface
  • All input channels can be integrated
  • Task lists with authorisation concept
  • Integrated user management
  • Combination with existing portals possible
  • Incorporation of external employees and partners
  • State-of-the-art access and encryption methods
  • MR.KNOW – BPM - process portal
  • Numerous solution templates (SOLUTIONS) available
  • Process overviews and process maps
  • Process cockpit with key figures (e.g. throughput times)
  • Process monitoring with progress visualization
  • Dashboards, evaluations and statistics
  • Web modelling
  • Processes show the paths and changes in colour
  • HTML and PDF publishing
  • Full text search
  • Collaboration tools are usable
  • Web designer for user interfaces
  • Maintenance dialogues and web administration of your processes
  • Document management and DMS as an extension
  • Extensions (e.g. OCR, archive or BI) with the workflows in one user interface
  • Support for multiple languages; with multi-client capability
  • Central task lists, controllable with authorisations
  • Incorporation of all input channels (e.g. telephone, e-mail, De-Mail, fax, EDI)
  • Integrated user administration as well as interface options for several existing directories (e.g. Active Directory, Lotus Notes, SAP etc.)
  • Incorporation of external employees and partners possible
  • State-of-the-art access and encryption procedures provide protection from unauthorized access
  • The system was tested by TÜV Rheinland in accordance with banking standards as part of a customer project.
  • Modern intuitive design which can be fully adapted to your corporate design as well as to different browsers and terminal devices.


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