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BPMN modelling

Process recording and documentation

Free modelling

Process recording becomes child's play with the free process modelling in the BPMN 2.0 standard as a web designer or also in the Eclipse framework. Process maps and numerous documentation and collaboration options are available. As a special extension, the system also generates BPMN process models from technical descriptions. All models can then be enriched with technical details and made to run with MR.KNOW - BPM process automation.

Visualize your processes.

BPMN 2.0 Web Modelling

Making a start in process management is effortless with our modelling. Both the BPMN 2.0 standard and the Decision Model and Notation (DMN) tables are supported in one tool. The system provides drag and drop capabilities, an auto-layouter, an element treadmill and helps with collaboration using collaboration tools and BPMN flow visualization. You can easily maintain an overview with process maps, individual evaluations and a 3D representation of certain contents. You can easily define the most common symbols and add additional attributes in the element library.

Process recording revisited.

Generating process models

In order to allow all employees to participate in the creation or adaptation of your processes, we have developed a designer which transfers the knowledge of your employees into BPMN models. All that it requires is the technical description of the process flow. Experts can also use this to generate further suggestions for the automation and design of the digital workers or user interfaces. Thanks to zero coding and Rapid Prototyping, project management brings the specialised department and the IT together very easily.

Automate processes.

Bring your processes to life

Use your process models to create applications and workflows. MR.KNOW - BPM makes it child's play to open different views of the same model. This makes it easy to augment technical steps with technical details, and develop your own plug-ins for functions, entries and interfaces. Thanks to having a powerful engine, the processes can be up and running immediately. Do you want to continue using existing BPMN models? No problem. We would also be pleased to provide a round trip with specialist modelling tools.

  • Free BPMN 2.0 Modelling
  • Web Designer or in the Eclipse Framework
  • Process model generator from descriptions
  • HTML or PDF documentation options
  • Process maps and key figures possible
  • Intuitive design makes a quick start possible
  • Round trip from process recording to application creation in one model
  • Specialist department and IT can jointly define process logic
  • Web Designer or in the Eclipse Framework
  • Drag and drop modelling
  • Element treadmill with context suggestions for modelling
  • Auto-Router puts the models into the correct representation
  • BPMN process models and Decision Model and Notation (DMN) tables in one modeller
  • Element library lets you keep track of the most frequent elements
  • Visual modelling support and consistency check
  • Process maps including representation of all process management disciplines
  • Visual monitoring of the process
  • Individual reporting and evaluation facilities for documentation purposes
  • HTML or PDF publishing
  • Numerous collaboration options
  • Planning and process key figures
  • Different views (descriptive, functional, technical) of the same model
  • Definition of decision-making rules, escalations and responsibilities
  • Support for the zero-coding approach by implementing individual plug-ins
  • Plug-ins for functions, entries and own interfaces
  • Group, role and rights management
  • Extensions e.g. for MS Sharepoint, EPK migrations and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Interaction with process mining providers as well as simulation tools in the BPMN standard
  • Round trip with leading BPMN modelling tools (including Aris, GBTEC, MID, Signavio, Camunda, intellior, semtalk)


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