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From organizational consulting to process automation


Your specialist for process management and process-oriented organizational development.

Anything which can be networked is networked. And anything which can be automated is automated. Digitalization is unstoppable, and is changing the way in which we collaborate and manage our companies. The keyword "process automation" is often mentioned during the course of this, but standardization and harmonization are also very popular.

However, not everything from the ERP and CRM environment can be solved in an optimum way with standard software, and considerable implementation effort in terms of time and costs is at odds with the speed of the markets. BPM or workflow systems can provide a solution in this case. Many vendors also promise immediate implementation and usability. It is also true that programs are processing more and more information faster and more efficiently, but that is not a substitute for well thought-out processes. Software can provide support with such complex and company-wide problems, but we still have to make the decisions ourselves.

Short-term and hasty action may also result in more harm than good. It is therefore important to select the processes to be automated with care and revise them as necessary, because a bad process becomes a bad automated process. Even good software will not be able to change this to begin with.

But which solution is the right one for my company, or is a compromise required?

If you would like to know how to do this and find out which systems are are the most suitable for your situation and how to make the right decisions, please contact us.


From organizational consulting to process automation.


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